Used by Police Forces, Security and Search & Rescue teams throughout the UK, our range of canine harnesses and inserts offer superior protection and comfort for our nation’s hardworking dogs.


Multi threat HG1/KR1/SP1 | Level II Ballistic Protection | Level III Ballistic Protection


We have developed a range of Canine harnesses, in collaboration with UK Canine. The designs for the Tornado and Hurricane harnesses are based on the operational experience of UK Canine and together with feedback from extensive trials conducted by the UK Police Forces and HM Prison Service, this has enabled us to manufacture a product of superior quality that is suitable for a wide range of users.

The comfort and needs of the working dog have been met, as a priority, as well as the practical requirements of the handler and trainer. The harnesses can be fitted with a selection of inserts which offer an excellent range of protection.

The Tornado and Hurricane multi threat protection armour is now in use with various UK Police Forces and the Hi Viz harnesses are in service with UK Search and Rescue teams.

If you are interested in our Canine products and you want to find out about the options available, please contact us.

Tornado Canine Body Armour Harness

CODE: DC9000

Users: Police, Security, General-Purpose Handlers

Tornado Hi-Viz Canine Body Armour Harness


Users: Security, Patrol, Event Security

Tempest Canine Body Armour Harness

CODE: DC9003

Users: Tracking, Search & Rescue Teams

Hurricane Canine Body Armour Harness

CODE: DC9005

Users: Tracking, Search & Rescue Teams

Reinforced fully secure handle attached to crossed webbing system

Low profile grab handle

2 x Para V rings for front and rear attachment

Tabs to adjust to the size of the dog

Tornado Canine Body Armour Harness

All edges designed for complete comfort with bound rounded edges

Y shape front chest piece

Lower panels cover chest area as standard and can be increased for full underbelly protection

Tornado Canine Body Armour Harness


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