About Us

Our passion as a company for the whole process of Design, Development and into Manufacture is what drives the business forward.

Defence Composites Ltd was incorporated in 2000 and has for over 20 years been introducing a succession of evolutionary and revolutionary products and concepts.

Design and development has been based on the long term defence and manufacturing experience of its founder Craig Mills.

Experience that dates back over 35 years and involves a period as Body Armour Adviser to the NATO Soldier Modernisation Program, and the supply of standard and specialised body armour products to the UK Ministry of Defence and Defence Organisations around the world.

In 2012 Craig was joined by Julia Harbridge FCCA who came to the business as the Finance Director but who is now fully involved in the product development side of the business too, getting involved in the technical projects, certifications and applying her knowledge of business models from 20 years working as an Accountant in practice and helping many other businesses to succeed.

Our Production Manager, who has worked at Defence Composites for over 12 years, together with the majority of our production team have always worked in the manufacturing of protective clothing industry. Being so experienced in the technicalities of the assembly of this style of garment means we can turn our hands to new products very quickly.