DC Stab Resistant Vests

Stab vests designed to protect against knives, edged weapons, physical assault, blunt impact weapons and hypodermic needles


DC Bullet Resistant Vests

Range of bullet resistant vests which protect against the two main levels of handgun threat as determined by the UK (HOSDB) and USA (NIJ)


DC Canine Body Armour

Multi-threat body armour for dogs


Equestrian Protective Clothing

Range of PPE to offer protection against a range of hazards and threats



The core of Defence Composites business has grown from our development of stab vests in 2008.

Manufactured from a moulded modified polycarbonate shell, the body armour is designed to protect against knives and edged weapons, physical assault and blunt impact weapons. The materials used and type of construction is capable of protecting against threats ranging from hypodermic needles to the full swing of an axe.

Different threats require different types of protective material and construction.

Moulded body-shaped shell armour

Specific male and female versions

Multitude of standard shapes and sizes

Body Armour Manufacturers UK

Made to measure moulding service available

Multi-threat protection

Meets UK Police and American NIJ Standards

Body Armour Manufacturers UK





Established in 2000 by Craig Mills, Defence Composites has built a long standing reputation in the Body Armour and Composites Industry. Driven by a passion for innovative design for new materials and processes we are constantly developing unique manufacturing methods from our facilities in Greater Manchester, UK.

With over 25 years experience in the Body Armour industry, Craig's experience of designing lightweight armour and his knowledge of composite materials gives the company the advantage of a unique level of expertise.

Defence Composites' ability to design and manufacture an expanding range of high performance protective materials, body armour, clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) is recognised by a number of high profile industry partners. Our core business is based around stab, ballistic and multi-threat body armour designed for the Police, Security and Defence markets.


Defence Composites Review
Unrivalled Products
5/ 5
I have known and worked directly with Defence Composites for the last 2 years as a client. Their products are unrivalled in the market which, combined with their customer service, prompt delivery and expert knowledge, makes for a company that is way ahead of its competitors.
Defence Composites Review
World Class Products
5/ 5
The team at Defence Composites not only produce world class products, they are also fantastic to deal with in terms of their customer service and support. I highly recommend them!
Defence Composites Review
First Rate Customer Service
5/ 5
What I also like and appreciate about DC is their customer service, which is first rate. They respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently and the fact that they have been manufacturing their own products for years allows them to provide insight and guidance to their products that other retailers are usually unable to give.
Protecting lives world


Defence Composites have a number of strategic manufacturing partnerships in the UK and Worldwide that we design, manufacture and deliver finished goods to labelled for their wholesale brands.

Depending upon the product type, market sector or geographical location, Defence Composites can trade in a variety of markets with prospective buyers and distributors.

Defence Composites collaborates with R&D teams on new product development for bespoke products and also sells directly to the end user with our own range of DC products. Contact us for more details.

Tested, certified, guaranteed product all manufactured in the UK to the ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 Quality Management Standard.