Transport For London Chose DC Stab Vests to Protect their Officers

Transport For London Officers Stab Vests

Transport for London works to keep London moving, whether by bus, rail, tram, cycling, walking, or the Underground. It’s an expanding and evolving infrastructure that has changed over the years, the same way the Capital has.

Workplace violence and aggression strategy

One of the changes has been the introduction of the Transport Support Enforcement Officers (TSEO). In 2019 TfL launched this new initiative as part of its workplace violence and aggression strategy. These officers would be dedicated to supporting existing staff across the network (bus, rail, underground and tram amongst others) by providing a highly visible and reassuring presence across the network where they would tackle anti-social behaviour, carrying out problem solving or enforcing its by-laws.

PPE for officer safety

When launching the team, it was integral to provide appropriate PPE to keep its officers safe in carrying out their roles. TfL wanted to provide them with the best possible products, that met all their requirements.

Lightweight stab vests 

Defence Composites were pleased when Transport for London chose its unique, light weight polycarbonate stab vests. Providing the relevant protection for its officers against bladed articles and blunt trauma. As well as the integral protective panels, it was the custom design layout of the covers that gave Defence Composites the winning vote for TfL. 

TfL officers wearing their new DC Stab Vests
TSEO wearing a DC Stab Vest


Two years on and the Transport Support and Enforcement Team hold a strong force of 80+ officers, with this number expanding to 135 officers by the end of 2022. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure to meet and speak with some of the Transport Support and Enforcement Officers. We discussed how they found the personal protective stab vest and its functionality in performing their role. With positive feedback across the board commenting on; how light weight the vest was, the comfortable size and the option of the female fitting vest.

Bespoke body armour

Defence Composites designed the body armour cover to meet TfL requirements, working with them to provide a unique functioning piece of kit. Since that first order it has evolved, with the repositioning of the radio clips, epaulettes to show case collar numbers and the addition of integral chest pockets to allow for more storage on the body armour. 

At Defence Composites, we work closely with our clients to make sure they are getting what they need from our products, as we know that client’s needs differ. Like Transport for London, Defence Composites continues to evolve in the products we produce, with some exciting products in the pipeline for the future.  We look forward to carrying on with what has been a successful relationship with TfL in providing the Travel Safe Officers with our body armour.

For more information on DC Stab Vests or other types of PPE, please contact Jason Rigby on 01706 342015, or email

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