Canine Body Armour for Staffordshire Police

Canine Body Armour Staffordshire Police

Defence Composites partnered with UK Canine Ltd and with the operational experience of Roger Utley, developed a range of canine body armour harnesses with multi-threat protection.

Aiming to protect their canine colleagues from armed criminals, Staffordshire Police chose Defence Composites to provide them with canine body armour.

Hurricane Canine Body Armour Harness
Police Dog Wearing the Hurricane Body Armour Harness

Hurricane Body Armour Harness for Police Dogs

Defence Composite’s Hurricane harness was designed especially for Police dogs, offering them effective protection whilst working in the same dangerous situations as their handlers.

Inserts are fitted into the harness to provide protection from knives, needles, bullets and impact from blunt objects.

Ergonomically designed to allow free movement, the Hurricane harness also uses an OutlastĀ® lining to regulate the dogs body temperature.

For more information see our canine body armour page.

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Police dogs get bullet proof vests in Staffordshire

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