Materials & Composites

Defence Composites is developing a rapidly expanding product range by taking advantage of an increasing database of materials related to performance and armour technology. Our research and development is reaching out to new partners in different industries to bring some of the technical science together.


Defence Composites has a portfolio of ballistic and stab protective fabrics and materials which offer military, civil and commercial planners a range of options to form the basis of protection in both lightweight soft armour and hard armour.

Within this range, utilising its development skills and by liaising and establishing rapport with customers, DC can design, modify and tailor protective materials, laminates and composites to meet the needs of the user.

Stab Resistant Vest Overt Red


Using a range of composite materials we are applying our design and manufacturing expertise to develop a new generation of body armour.

Defence Composites range of laminated products is designed to offer comprehensive ballistic protection to commercial and military vehicles and buildings.

Laminates can be supplied in different weights and thicknesses to specification or as profiled and shaped components.

E-Glass laminates

E-Glass laminates provide cost effective medium to heavy weight ballistic protection. They are used as spall armour and secondary armour in buildings at risk of attack, and in security or armoured vehicles where weight considerations are not critical.

Aramid laminates

Aramid laminates offer enhanced performance from lighter weight materials at premium cost and are used to counter threats to military and civilian personnel and sensitive equipment. Aramid laminates provide a significant weight saving factor when compared with traditional metallic armour or GRP.


Over the last 5 years we have been working with coated and impregnated fabrics, researching the use of resins and its effects with different materials and developing the uses of film coated materials to offer Ballistic and Stab/Spike protection.

These are now being used in vehicle, architectural, aircraft armour, armoured seats and ballistic shields.

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