Defence Composites would like to announce that we are now trading DIRECT with all UK customers for sales of our Polycarbonate KR1 Stab Vests.

Defence Composites has been manufacturing and supplying the Polycarbonate KR1 Body Amour and Bespoke armour covers into the UK market for 12 years and we look forward to continuing to service any customers who have previously used our body armour or had covers made to their own design.

Defence Composites will honour our KR1 5 year guarantee and all our body armour is covered under our Product Check Up Program as well as a 1 year workmanship guarantee for covers.

We wish to stress that we are no longer associated with our previous supply partner, PPSS, and do not manufacture any of their new products.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch about your orders, our product guarantee or to buy body armour directly from us.

Stab Vest Supplier UK