Defence Composites Featured on Channel 5

Defence Composites Featured on Channel5 3

Shoplifters & Scammers: At War With The Law – Featuring Defence Composites

Defence Composites were recently approached by a production company and asked to feature in Channel 5s ‘Shoplifting & Scammers’ programme which aired on Tuesday 19th October 2021.

This particular episode follows a security team at West Orchards Shopping Centre in Coventry where they are seeing an increase in violence – including stabbings and slashing from knives, needles and other bladed articles.

Because of this risk to security guards, Defence Composites have seen a greater demand for their KR1 polycarbonate stab vests which they have been supplying since 2008.

As well as featuring our MD, Craig and Business Development Manager, Jason, the show also features ‘My Local Bobby’ a team who work alongside undercover detectives in solving crime and preventing anti-social behaviour.

My Local Bobby needed body armour that would distinguish themselves away from police so they approached Defence Composites who designed and manufactured a bespoke stab vest in red.

For more information about our KR1 stab vests, please call us on 01706 342015 or email

Stab Vest Manufacturer Features in Channel 5 Show ‘Shoplifters & Scammers’ (Press release)